Anna Sandor
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Lili Bordan
Status Deceased
Occupation Lawyer
First Seen Bloodlines (part 1)
Last Seen Bloodlines (part 2)
Relatives Istvan Sandor (father)

Unborn child (deceased)

Marital Status Single
Anna Sandor was a major character in the Series 14 episode, 'Bloodlines'. She was a Hungarian lawyer specializing in women's rights and Harry Cunningham's on-off girlfriend. Anna is portrayed by Lili Bordan.

Biography Edit

Anna was a lawyer, dedicated to bringing justice to criminals and human rights abusers. She was in particular an advocate for women's rights; her determination to find the truth often landed her in hot water. At some point, she met pathologist Harry Cunningham and the pair began a casual relationship, though it is implied they may have had stronger feelings for each other.

Bloodlines Edit

Anna requests that Harry come to Budapest to perform a second autopsy on a young prostitute named Sofi Anna was trying to help - Anna does not believe she committed suicide by jumping into a river and that she may have been murdered. Harry agrees to come, but they discover upon his arrival that the woman's body has been cremated, destroying any evidence and enraging Anna. The pair go back to Anna's apartment and have sex - Anna, however, becomes upset when Harry jokingly dismisses her proposal that they make their relationship a more serious one. Only minutes later, Anna is stabbed to death by assasins hired by gangsters to silence her. Harry finds her body and also encounters her killer. Unfortunately, Harry is framed for the crime and is forced to go on the run until he can clear his name and find out why Anna was murdered. It is discovered in an autopsy that Anna was pregnant at the time of her death, and that the child could have been Harry's, further devastating him.