Clarissa Mullery
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Liz Carr
Status Alive
Occupation Forensic examiner
First Seen Change
Last Seen N/A
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Married
Clarissa Mullery is a major character in Silent Witness, first appearing in Series 16. She is the long-time friend and lab partner of Jack Hodgson, who joins the Lyell Centre by default when Jack is hired. She is portrayed by Liz Carr.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

At this stage, virtually nothing is known about Clarissa's background, save for the fact she had known and worked with Jack Hodgson for at least three years prior to her arrival at the Lyell Centre.

Silent Witness Edit

Clarissa comes to work at the Lyell Centre after Jack is hired. Leo Dalton was initially not told of this arrangement, leading to a rather amusing first meeting. Jack insisted that if Clarissa goes, so does he, and Leo allowed her to stay. Clarissa proves to be a valuable member of the team, using her skills as a forensic scientist to assist in investigations and often providing comic relief during stressful or harrowing cases, in the form of deadpan sarcasm.

Personality Edit

Clarissa proves to be an observant and competent forensic examiner. She has a dry sense of humour, often responding to people or situations with witty sarcasm. She maintains her humour even in the most trying of times. Clarissa is apparently quite a private person, as next to nothing has been revealed about her background and personal life.

Relationships Edit

Jack Hodgson Edit

Clarissa states that she "makes Jack look clever". Despite the frequent disparaging remarks she makes towards him, Clarissa is clearly fond of Jack, exchanging banter with him and supporting him. She is endlessly patient with him and does her best to keep him on track - even though she doesn't often succeed.

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