Dr Fawzia is a major character in the Series 16 episode Greater Love. She is in charge of the Saleh Valley Water Project and Leo Dalton's love interest. She is portrayed by Brana Bajic.

Biography Edit

Fawzia was born in Afghanistan, but grew up in America. She returned to her home country as a adult to lead a project to construct a well for a remote village, in an area where her own father had attempted to build a water plant decades earlier. Fawzia's presence was not welcomed by some extremists, due to her 'Western influence'. She tried to hire Afghan workers where she could, but was reluctantly made to accept foreign security personnel. In spite of the risks, Fawzia sleeps at her father's old house in the village, rather than the military compound, wanting to make a point about her being an Afghan just like the locals.

Greater Love Edit

Fawzia is forced to put the water project on hold when a body - believed to be that of a British soldier who went missing five years earlier - is uncovered at the site. Fawzia is friendly and cooperate towards the forensics team - growing close to Professor Dalton in particular - and is sympathetic towards the soldier's family, but she hopes that the team will finish soon, so that the well can be completed, as in her opinion "the living come before the dead". Things grow more tense after the compound where the pathologists are staying is attacked.

In spite of this, Fawzia becomes strongly attracted to Leo and they begin a relationship. After Leo is assaulted, Fawzia comes to see him, but urges the team to leave for their own safety. Leo helps Fawzia prepare for the unveiling of the new well; he reveals that he asked her to come back to London with them and that Fawzia is considering it. Sadly, this never comes to pass, as Leo dies trying to prevent a terrorist bomb attack, saving Fawzia and numerous others. Fawzia is clearly devastated by his death. She is last seen standing on the outskirts of the village, looking out over the well site.