James Embleton
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Ed Stoppard
Status Unknown (most likely deceased)
Occupation Minister of Science
First Seen Legacy (part 1)
Last Seen Legacy (part 2)
Relatives Sir William Embleton (father)

Unnamed mother (deceased) Nikki Alexander (girlfriend)

Marital Status Single
Lord James Embleton is a major character in Legacy. He is the Minister of Science and the son of Sir William Embleton, as well as Nikki Alexander's love interest. He is portrayed by Ed Stoppard.

Biography Edit

Lord Embleton saw Nikki for the first time at a function and was instantly attracted to her, but was unable to introduce himself. He began working on the Brimstead house, intending to renovate it into eco-friendly apartments.

Legacy Edit

Embleton's plans for Brimstead are put on hold after a body is found on the property, leading to him crossing paths with Nikki again. They begin a relationship, but Nikki breaks things off when she learns he had a hand in Leo Dalton being suspended, to prevent him from revealing the truth about Brimstead. Embleton is later a victim of a biochemical attack organised by Tom Hancock, in revenge for Sir William's cover-up of the pollution causing his own son's death. Embleton keeps the door to his office shut and prevents any of his staff from entering to ensure no one else is infected. A news report states he was taken to hospital in a critical condition; although not explicitly stated, it is heavily implied he died.