Janet Mander
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Jaye Griffiths
Status Alive
Occupation Criminal profiler
First Seen Death's Door
Last Seen Redhill
Relatives Leo Dalton (former partner)
Marital Status Single
Professor Janet Mander was a recurring character in Silent Witness, as the love interest of Leo Dalton. She is a criminal profiler who helps Leo and his team on various cases. She is portrayed by Jaye Griffiths.

Biography Edit

Silent Witness Edit

Janet is first featured in the Series 12 story Death's Door, working closely with Leo on an horrific murder investigation. Despite the rather gruesome case, they soon formed a bond which grew into a relationship, and within two years they had moved in together. Janet's role as a criminal profiler is invaluable to the pathologists and the police, as they try to establish possible suspects. Her years of experience and expert knowledge of the criminal mind very often create accurate profiles which eventually lead to the killer being caught. A warm and considerate person, Janet's love and kindness has been a source of immense strength for Leo, who deep down is still recovering from the death of his wife and daughter. Janet and Leo eventually move in together and talk of adopting a baby; however, Leo's continued grief over his family's deaths make him reluctant. He later admits that he never wanted to adopt a child and only agreed to it to make Janet happy. Janet seems disappointed, but is supportive of him. Unfortunately, they continue to drift further apart, with Leo barely mentioning her and working late or going to the pub to avoid coming home. When Janet confronts Leo about it, he reveals he no longer loves her, devastating her. They subsequently end their relationship in the Series 15 episode Redhill.