Karen Masters
Vital statistics
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Status Alive
Occupation Student
First Seen True Love Waits (part 1)
Last Seen True Love Waits (part 2)
Relatives Janice Masters (mother)

Alan Lane (father)

Edith McNeil (maternal grandmother)

Derek McNeil (maternal grandfather, deceased)

Marital Status Single
Karen Masters is the daughter of Janice Masters and Alan Lane, appearing in the episode True Love Waits.

Biography Edit

Karen's mother was originally named Imogen Lane (nee McNeil). Karen's father was an emotionally abusive and controlling man, whom Imogen believed was responsible for her father's fatal 'accident'. When Alan found out about Imogen's pregnancy, he was instantly jealous, ordering Imogen to get rid of the baby. However, Imogen faked her death and went into hiding, framing her husband for her murder. She changed her name to Janice Masters and lived a quiet life with Karen, who never knew anything about her father or mother;s past.

Karen, however, suspected she and her mother were different from other families, noticing how paranoid her mother was, and how she would always drive past an elderly woman's house around the same time each year. As she grew older, Karen became increasingly frustrated and curious about her mother's secrets.

True Love Waits Edit

Karen, after returning from a trip, guesses her mother sent her on it as an excuse to secretly leave town. Karen later follows her mother when she leaves and goes to the house she always drives past, which, unbeknownst to Karen, is the home of her grandmother, Edith. At the house, Karen finds a photograph of her mother as a teenager and meets her father Alan, who introduces himself as a neighbour. When Karen explains she is looking for her mother, Alan offers to take her to the owner of the house. Karen, apparently suspicious, asks for directions instead and becomes uncomfortable when Alan won't let her leave. Alan, having realised she is his daughter, comments that she's inherited her mother's impatience, confusing Karen, before she is physically attacked. Lane knocks her unconscious with his handgun and abducts her, tying and gagging her and leaving her locked up at an abandoned school where he once worked. Karen wakes up in the dark, alone and terrified. She is found by Jack Hodgson and Nikki Alexander, who free her and prepare to take her away. Unfortunately, Karen's father returns and tries to shoot them. Jack fights Lane off and Nikki tells Karen to run. Lane is apprehended and Karen is reunited with her mother. When she sees her father being taken away by the police, she reacts with fear and buries her face in Janice's shoulder, whilst her mother embraces her.