Katie was a girl Jack Hodgson dated when he was in his late teens. He mentions her in the Series 17 episode In A Lonely Place.

Biography Edit

Katie first began attending Jack's school when he was sixteen. Jack says she was "funny and wild" and "didn't give a shit about the rules." The pair hit off and began a relationship. Katie, however, was expelled from school for trying to give out ecstasy to people at the Christmas Carol Service. Jack's parents forced him to break up with her. Katie couldn't get into another school, fell in with a "really bad crowd" and was kicked out by her parents. She apparently became a drug addict and later died of a heart attack, resulting from a drug overdose, a week before her nineteenth birthday. Her body was found beneath an underpass - it was suggested she lay down under there in an attempt to keep warm, suggesting she was homeless by this point. Jack was devastated by her death, blaming himself for not being able to 'save' her.

In A Lonely Place Edit

Jack continued to feel guilty over Katie's death right up to the present. Because of what happened to Katie, Jack feels strongly about women in vulnerable positions and becomes very emotionally involved in the case of a serial rapist and murderer targeting such women in Scotland. When Nikki Alexander questions Jack about it, he reveals what happened to Katie. Nikki suggests that if Katie really was as "wild" and rebellious as Jack claimed, then maybe it was simply in her nature and nothing Jack could've said done would've changed her fate.