Richard 'Ricky' Ryan is a major character in Series 1. He is the teenaged son of Wyn Ryan and Sam Ryan's nephew.

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Ricky lives in Cambridge with his mother and ailing grandmother. His father left him when was young and he doesn't know where he lives now.

Silent Witness Edit

Ricky often rebels against his mother and frequently gets into trouble. He is close to his aunt Sam and goes to stay with her in the debut episode, Buried Lies. He is watching TV in Sam's room and drinking beer when Gary Phillips breaks into the house. A terrified Ricky hides beneath Sam's bed whilst Gary goes through his aunt's things. Gary spots Ricky, but fortunately flees when the smoke alarm goes off. In Long Days, Short Nights, Ricky is suspended from school for being drunk in class. He and some other boys climb on parked cars, but are interrupted by the police. Ricky is caught and tells DI Tom Adams he is Sam's son, as he doesn't want to get into trouble with Wyn. This proves fruitless, as Adams is informed that Ricky is actually Sam's nephew and is furious that Ricky lied to him, and Sam tells Wyn anyway. Whilst at the morgue, Ricky looks in one of the freezers and sees his first dead body; he appears to be mildly disturbed by it.