Ryan Kelvin
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Owen McDonnell
Status Alive
Occupation Pub landlord
First Seen Fraternity (part 1)
Last Seen Fraternity (part 2)
Relatives Unnamed parents

Jack Hodgson (brother)

Lizzie Kennedy (partner)

Hannah Kennedy (stepdaughter, deceased)

Marital Status Committed relationship
Ryan Kelvin is the older brother of Jack Hodgson. He is also the boyfriend of Lizzie Kennedy and the primary suspect in the murder of Katie Bowman in Fraternity. He is portrayed by Owen McDonnell.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Ryan was presumably born in Northern Ireland and grew up in Yorkshire alongside his brother. He was born on 20th September 1977. In October 2009, Ryan got into a drunken fight with another man outside a pub, apparently over a woman. Ryan allegedly beat the man quite badly, breaking his jaw, and was arrested on the 26th October and charged with Grievous Bodily Harm. His younger brother Jack was the only witness and so had to testify against him in court. Ryan was convicted of GBH; Jack's testimony caused a rift between them and they didn't see or speak to to each for five years after the incident. It is later revealed that Jack was actually the one who threw the punch that broke the other man's jaw, but Ryan took the blame. After serving his sentence, Ryan got into a relationship with a pub landlady named Lizzie Kennedy.

Fraternity Edit

Ryan's first appearance is in the Series 17 episode Fraternity. He is arrested for the murder of fifteen year old Katie Bowman, the daughter of one of Lizzie's friends, who is also best friends with Lizzie's daughter Hannah, after his blood is found on her body and Hannah reveals she saw them arguing. Ryan is reunited with his brother for the first time in years; he maintains his innocence and begs Jack to help him. Jack manages to get Ryan released on bail. Ryan fights with Hannah over her taking Katie clubbing and she leaves in tears. Ryan later spends the night with Jack and becomes a suspect in Hannah's murder. He attempts suicide by slashing his wrists in Jack's shower, but he is found by the police in time and treated. Ryan is eventually cleared of the murders, but Jack discovers he coerced Katie into sleeping with Christy Nash to blackmail him. Ryan requests that Jack do nothing, due to them being brothers and his relationship with Lizzie, who he intends to start afresh with. Jack however, reports Ryan to the police and hands over the evidence of his crimes, leading to him being arrested. He sees his brother watching from outside the pub as he is escorted to a police car and glares at him before being taken away.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Ryan is only Jack's half-brother, due to their different surnames. It is also mentioned that Ryan's DNA link to Jack could be that of either a sibling or half-sibling. However, this remains unconfirmed.
  • Ryan is left-handed (which is how Nikki Alexander figures out that Jack broke the other man's jaw during the fight, as the the injury was sustained from someone right-handed).