Ryan McBride is a supporting character in the Series 11 episodes Safe. He is a paramedic and Nikki Alexander's love interest. Ryan is portrayed by James Sives.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Not much is known about ryan's background, save for the fact he was born in Scotland and became a paramedic at some point in his life. He is apparently in a serious relationship with a woman - he may even be married - but is unfaithful to her, as he pursues a relationship with Dr Alexander.

Safe Edit

Nikki meets Ryan when he responds to the stabbing of a teenage girl at a fairground. She is instantly attracted to him - and he to her - and they begin a relationship. Ryan continues seeing Nikki and helping on the case throughout both parts; however, Nikki begins to suspect he is already in a serious relationship. She is also put off by his short temper. When Ryan makes racist comments about two recently murdered boys and shows little concern or sympathy, an appalled Nikki ends their relationship. Ryan is seen towards the end of the episode, attempting to call Nikki as she goes to her car. Nikki looks up and sees Ryan standing nearby, but she merely gives him a disapproving look before leaving without a word.