Sean Patrick
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Des McAleer
Status Deceased
Occupation Butcher
First Seen Protection (part 1)
Last Seen Protection (part 2)
Relatives Delores Patrick (wife)

Niamh Garvey (daughter) Kevin Garvey (son with Niamh) Cathy Garvey (granddaughter) Mary Garvey (granddaughter) Daniel Garvey (son-in-law, deceased) Unborn child (deceased)

Marital Status Married
Sean Patrick was a notable character in Protection. He was a butcher, married to Delores Patrick, the father of Niamh Garvey and grandfather to Kevin, Cathy and Mary Garvey. It is eventually revealed he was a hebephile who sexually abused both his daughter and granddaughter, and was the biological father of Kevin. Sean is portrayed by Des McAleer.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Sean owned a successful butcher's shop and was married to a woman named Delores, with whom he had a daughter named Niamh. When Niamh was in her early teens, Sean raped her, resulting in her falling pregnant with Sean's child. Niamh kept the baby, a boy named Kevin and never told anyone what Sean had done, save for Daniel Garvey, the man she later married and had two daughters with. Sean never liked Daniel, presumably because he suspected what his daughter had told him. A few years before the events of Protection, Sean began sexually abusing his eldest granddaughter Cathy. She fell pregnant, but had an abortion and never told anyone - she later admits that Sean told her she "made him" abuse her and blamed herself. Her pregnancy was kept secret from Kevin and Daniel was blamed, with Sean backing up this version of events (presumably to conceal his own guilt). When Niamh refused to leave Daniel, all three children were taken into care by social worker Louise Marsh. Sean and Delores tried to have the children placed in their care, but were unsuccessful.

Protection Edit

After turning sixteen, Kevin leaves his foster home and comes to live with Sean and Delores, intending to get his family reunited. Sean, feeling his grandson will now be able to 'handle' the truth, tells Kevin about Cathy's pregnancy and his suspicions it was Daniel who was responsible, causing Kevin to angrily confront his mother and threaten his stepfather. Sean later murders Daniel, after he confronts his father-in-law about the lies he'd told Kevin and prevent him from telling anyone else. However, Kevin learns the truth anyway from Cathy, who finally admits that it was Sean who raped and impregnated her. Sean is alerted that night to someone breaking into his shop; upon investigating, he finds a broken door and the word 'RAPIST' written on the wall with blood. He then attacked by a hooded assailant wielding a meat hook and fatally stabbed. Kevin is initially suspected of being the murderer, but is cleared by forensics. The true culprit is revealed to be Sean's wife Delores, who, after finding out the terrible things her husband had done, killed Sean in revenge.

Victims Edit

  • Niamh Garvey (raped)
  • Cathy Garvey (raped)
  • Daniel Garvey (slit his throat)