Series 1 is the first series of the British crime drama Silent Witness, and aired from 21 February 1996 to 3 April 1996. The first series comprises of eight episodes in total. Caroline Oulton served as the series executive producer, while Tony Dennis produced the series.

Amanda Burton stars as forensic pathologist Sam Ryan, while William Armstrong stars as forensic pathologist and Sam's business partner, Trevor Stewart.

The series consists of four two-part episodes. The first episode is entitled "Buried Lies", the second episode "Long Days, Short Nights", the third episode "Darkness Visible" and the fourth episode "Sins of the Fathers". Episodes one, two, seven and eight were written by Kevin Hood, while episodes three, four, five and six were written by Ashley Pharoah. Harry Hook directed episodes one and two, Mike Barber directed episodes three and four, Noella Smith directed episodes five and six and Ben Bolt directed episodes seven and eight.

Episodes Edit

Episode no. Series no. Episode Director Writer Original airdate
1 1 "Buried Lies - Part One" Harry Hook Kevin Hood 21 February 1996
2 2 "Buried Lies - Part Two" Harry Hook Kevin Hood 22 February 1996
3 3 "Long Days, Short Nights - Part One" Mike Barber Ashley Pharoah 28 February 1996
4 4 "Long Days, Short Nights - Part Two" Mike Barber Ashley Pharoah 29 February 1996
5 5 "Darkness Visible - Part One" Noella Smith Ashley Pharoah 13 March 1996
6 6 "Darkness Visible - Part Two" Noella Smith Ashley Pharoah 14 March 1996
7 7 "Sins of the Fathers - Part One" Ben Bolt Kevin Hood 2 April 1996
8 8 "Sins of the Fathers - Part Two" Ben Bolt Kevin Hood 3 April 1996