Series 15

Series 15 DVD cover

Series 15 is the fifteenth series of Silent Witness. It first aired in 2012. This series was the last to star Tom Ward as

Harry Cunningham, with his character leaving at the end of the series to go to America. It also saw the death of Nikki's father, Victor, at the beginning of the series, and the breakdown of the relationship between Leo and Janet. The episode Redhill generated some controversy due to its violent content.

Main Cast Edit

Tom Ward as Harry Cunningham

Emilia Fox as Nikki Alexander

William Gaminara as Leo Dalton

Episodes Edit

121 -122 Death Has No Dominion

123 -124 Domestic

125 - 126 Paradise Lost

127 - 128 Redhill

129 - 130 Fear

131 - 132 And Then I Fell In Love