Series 15, 16

DVD cover for Series 15 and 16

Series 16 is the sixteenth series of Silent Witness. It first aired in 2013. The series was notable for introducing new main characters, Jack Hodgson and Clarissa Mullery, the former of whom replaced Harry Cunningham, who departed in the previous series. It was also the final series to star William Gaminara as Leo Dalton, as his character died at the end of this series.

Main Cast Edit

Emilia Fox as Nikki Alexander

William Gaminara as Leo Dalton

David Caves as Jack Hodgson

Liz Carr as Clarissa Mullery

Episodes Edit

131 - 132 Change

133 - 134 Trust

135 - 136 True Love Waits

137 - 138 Legacy

139 - 140 Greater Love