Victor Alexander
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Leigh Lawson
Status Deceased
Occupation Businessman
First Seen The Meaning of Death
Last Seen Double Dare (part 2)
Relatives Ex-wife (deceased)

Nikki Alexander (daughter) Wife (deceased)

Marital Status Widowed
Victor Alexander was the father of Nikki Alexander.

Biography Edit

Victor was a businessman born in England; however, he lived in South Africa with his wife and young daughter Nikki. He walked out on Nikki and her mother when his daughter was quite young and rarely contacted her. He appeared to be oblivious to the emotional harm he had caused Nikki, which continued to affect her into adulthood.

Silent Witness Edit

Victor first appears in The Meaning of Death, where Nikki's grandmother attempts to bring them together again shortly before her death. He reappears in Double Dare, where it is revealed he remarried, only for his wife to have been killed in an accident. He contacts Nikki to try and persuade to perform an autopsy, annoying Nikki. She finally reveals to Victor how his abandonment of her has affected her when she learns he tricked Harry Cunningham into doing the autopsy, which surprises Victor. Victor presumably tries to make amends, as Nikki mentions a few years later that things have been "alright" between them.

Victor died shortly prior to Series 15; his funeral was held in the debut episode Death Has No Dominion. Nikki read the eulogy at his funeral and appeared unaffected at first, but when the reality of her loss sunk in, she was finally able to grieve. Nikki mentions Victor in-directly when talking with Geraldine Briggs about the recent death of her father in the Series 16 episode, Change; Briggs notes that have a lot in common when it comes to fathers, as both women had strained relationships with their fathers and found themselves initially unable to grieve when they passed away.